Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Building a Team

The group project interactions has taught me a lot about my self and it has caused me to reflect on certain traits that I have.  Working in team  can be very complex because one is dealing with different personalities,  people from different background and experiences also.  This has been a very good thing for our group because I have learned to appreciate the differences that we have. It is those differences that helped us work through the project.   I learned that in order for any team to be meet its goals, there has to be a leader that guides the members towards their vision. Most importantly, a leader that “believes” in the “dream” that the team has.  There has been some team projects that I have done in the past where, everyone wanted to be the “leader’”.  I have also come to understand that each member needs to feel that they are being heard, and appreciated.  Once we all feel that we are cared for, it creates a collaborative atmosphere and you actually get employees that are willing to make more sacrifices which in turn could increase productivity.


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