Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Team MK. What, what!

As the program has come to a close, many of my classmates are already well on their way back to DC and I find myself, here, in the lobby of Disney's Port Orleans, French Quarter Resort entering my final blog post.

I had the pleasure of being apart of Team Magic Kingdom, aka Team MK (what! what!).
Cecily, Caroline, me (Amy), Helen, Melanie and Adi

I was extremely fortunate to work with these ladies.  With "work hard, play hard, princess" (said in my best princess voice) as our mantra we landed in Orlando, hit the parks 'til closing starting day 1 and grouped together poolside throughout to either work or play--many times going back and forth doing both. A couple late night working sessions in the frigid cafeteria and hotel rooms also made for many good stories and pictures. (Pictures to come, courtesy of Adi, because we all love her for documenting every waking moment of our trip <smiley face>)

Through working with my group, I was once again reminded of how different individuals are. Between us, we have a total of 9 countries where we once called "home," and command of 6 different languages. We learn differently, have different strengths and weaknesses, have different preferences of communication, process differently and approach problems in different ways. After getting over the many "firsts" we had to encounter as a group we fell into a "battle rhythm" that was not only efficient, but encouraging and positive. After identifying strengths and setting expectations in terms of understanding our project objectives and what we wanted to accomplish, it was smooth sailing, apart from just having a lot of work to get done of course. <another smile>

In looking back, when I ask myself why our group was so great, I can't help but attribute it to everyone's openness to listen and willingness to "be a team player." It's been a packed 7 days and although we're not completely done with everything, it's been real.  Cheers and bon voyage all!

The entire GW Disney 2015 group, in our hummer limo the last night getting ready to blow off some steam and for the fellas to show off their moves!


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