Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World

Friday, 29 May 2015

The Beginning of Your Future Starts Now

No matter which course you might enroll yourself in there is very little possibility that you'll know everyone and this course is no different.  When we were told about having to do group presentations there was a mad rush to be in a group with people you know.  I was part of that rush.  However, for this particular class I only was only able to group with two other people I knew.  The three other group members were random and unknown.  Were they going to be good partners or not?  How will we work together? These are the types of questions that ran through my head.

As we jumped into doing our project any concerns I had quickly disappeared.  Our group dynamic turned out to be great and we have been able to execute our group project wonderfully.  From this team I have made three more great friends on a personal and professional level (of ever importance now that I'm just 3 credits shy from graduation).  During our group project I've really grown fond of their diverse viewpoints and they've helped me experience the Disney My Magic+ experience through their eyes.  It's helped me see things I never would have on my own. I've learned to accept that I won't always be on the team that I would like to hand choose and that it's OK.  In fact, it may work out even better.  In this case it did.  :-)  

As I continue with the real world post graduation (I already work full time) I'll take this lesson with me as a leader and an individual contributor.  Because even though we're all individual contributors we're part of a greater team that we haven't necessarily selected for ourselves. The beginning of my future starts now, with a new lesson and a great new team.

I offer you this picture of partnership with my new teammate (Brett 2.0).

- Brett 1.0 (Blog #3)

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