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Walt Disney World

Friday, 29 May 2015

Teamwork and Introspection

The theme of our second day of the Y.E.S. program was teamwork.  We have been in all kinds of teams this week, from our designated teams for the project to impromptu teams for the Y.E.S. exercises.  Through it all I have felt inspired to do some self-analysis.  Teamwork to me is about trust and on Team Epcot/B.A.L.L.S., we have formed a bond and quick trust within our group.  That trust allowed me to have the confidence to join the improvisation with Fuego Joe and draw a mustache on him which then turned into writing Fuego across his forehead.  Building trust in a team enables to members of the team to have confidence and freedom  to try new things, in essence, it allows innovation.  Now I am not saying that drawing on one of my teammates was necessarily innovative but it was a risk and I felt comfortable taking that risk and not knowing what the outcome would be.    
Getting back to the inspiration for introspection, our guest speaker Betsy, told us about something she is working on personally to be a better leader to her team.  Betsy is working on the same thing that I have recently realized about myself and something that I am painstakingly working on.  I have a degree in communications but somewhere along the way I have lost some of my listening skills.  Like Betsy, I feel compelled to get out what I have in my head before the other person finished their thought.  I know this is a horrible character flaw and I am consciously working on it, like Betsy, it is a process.

My take away from all of this is that it is ok if I forget what is in my head, if it is important it will be there later.  Everyone has good ideas and it is ok if someone else gets the credit, it is all about teamwork.  Like Harry S. Truman said, "it is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit."

JD a.k.a Mama J

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