Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Customer Experience

 Disney does a really good job creating unique experiences for customers. Throughout my stay here, I have seen cast members that have gone out of their way to make the customer happy.  I think that it is the little things that the cast members are deliberately doing to create memorable experiences for guests that is influencing them to return and recommend it to their friends.  One of the things that I appreciated was that every one is responsible for keeping the place clean.  I was pleased to see all the employees actively cleaning even though the task  had no direct relation to their job description.  

In another case, I saw a cast member help a parent with her bags and found a seating for her.  I am very impressed that the cast members did these acts of kindness in a joyful manner and weren’t hesitant.  To me, this is evidence that Disney has trained its employees really well, they have a good understanding of the values of the company and have a chief aim of creating a happy environment for their guests. In my prospective, Disney stands out not only because of the tangible aspects but because of its unique implementation of service culture and its focus on making its guests happy.

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