Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Disney Customer Experience: Castle (-Adi)

Disney creates a great cumulative impact - both emotional & practical - of all the encounters and interactions that a customer has with a company. It’s principle that customers are guests, not transactions, but an experience enables in creating this environment. The Disney experience ranged from active to passive audience as well we connections of customer with events, which creates the richest experiences for the customers.  The cast dinning at the princess castle at the magic kingdom was a wonderful example of one of the richest experiences of our stay in Disney.  All the cast members were actively involved with the customers yet keeping their show on, they were able to take actions and react to the needs of the customer at hand and act accordingly.  It was a concise and compelling theme where all the princesses will come and great the guests at the castle while they dine.  As part of the theme the willingness of the cast members to continue with to act in accordance with not only the preferred targeted audience (little girls and boys) they kept a consistent stage norm and eliminated anything that diminishes, contradicts, or distracts from the theme, while dealing with the adults.


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