Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Team Hollywood Studios!!

What's smart, kind, intelligent, patient, brilliant, and suuuuuper cool???

Uuuuh....Team Hollywood Studios!! Duh?!?!?

One thing I can say is that I learned a whole heck of a lot of stuff from my team members.  From communication skills to servant leadership to learning how to organize a pretty good set of surveys to ask customers. 

I learned how to listen first, then respond in a way that benefits both the team and the overall objective. I learned how to quiet my ego so that our goal is accomplished and the team is what is successful, not just me or the ideas that I  wanted. I learned how that at times I would have to follow and at other times I would have to lead. It was always about focusing on the goal and keeping in mind the bigger picture.

Finally I really learned what it meant to be a supportive friend and colleague in tough and stressful times. The extent to which each of us felt exasperation, confusion and a bit perplexed seemed to happen more often than we would prefer. We prevailed though. Through support and patience and playing to each of our strengths which ultimately supported to whole final presentation effort. I honestly could not have been with a more Rockin Rollercoaster crew! 



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