Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World

Friday, 29 May 2015

Teamwork, Leadership & strategies (-Adi)

Day 2, Teamwork, leadership and Strategies program

The exercise highlight dependencies team effort is constructed on; the notion that leaders aren't always very involved with the actual day -to -day activities of the team.  Team effort continually evolves as more data / feedback is captured.  Additionally, it bought to attention the level of trust and understand team members should develop for the project to materialize, Disney way!!

The exercise was effective in highlighting the key concepts of leadership.  Although our leader wasn’t part of the actual exercise, the team performed the task at hand while continually evolving throughout the phases (added components) and work as a unit.   Our leader was detailed in the beginning in providing the key attributes to be accomplished.  He then let the team members by being positive, highly creative himself and inspiring / cheering them to during the process.  Another lesson from the exercise was to remind all the members, that team trust and commitment to evolve as a cohesive unit is an ongoing process. Our team took a life of its own after the initial process was instilled.


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