Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Team Magic Kingdom

Team Magic Kingdom was an effective high performing team, which knew how to work hard and play hard. It was fun and satisfying to work on this collaborative team, as we were able to contribute at our highest potential, while learning a lot along the way. Given the limited amount of time we had to complete the project, we knew from the very beginning that we had to maximize our time, by prioritizing. All of us worked towards the same goal and we understood the importance of both team and individual performance goals and knew what was expected of us. We had frequent team meetings either at the hotel pool/cafeteria or at the Magic Kingdom and made decisions when there was a consensus. Throughout the project, the leadership of the team shifted in order to drive results. I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of Team Magic Kingdom and really value the friendships and memories I’ve created with each one of my teammates!!

- cecily

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