Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Joe Burak on the Group Project

I found the group project to be particularly daunting, especially in light of the work given in preparation for the trip. And while both time to work on the project and sleep were minimal, I enjoyed the experience of working with my team and helping to collaborate on a presentation that we all sought to make meaningful and comprehensive. We organized the project around our interests and elected a “team leader” (Brett Eisen) to help keep us moving in the right direction.  I was particularly impressed with the creativity of the group and everyone’s willingness to sacrifice their time and desires to ensure that we developed the best presentation possible. As an MBA student with a focus on business analytics I liked our approach to the material and sought to expand on my analytics experience by using/learning previously unfamiliar software to help conduct text and sentiment analysis on some ratings websites. I don’t always have this opportunity at work to run models and found this particularly educational.

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