Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World

Thursday, 28 May 2015

On Wednesday, May 27th, we had the opportunity to attend our second Disney leadership workshop on Disney’s Techniques of Teamwork. The lecture involved our groups’ participation in a number of activities with an emphasis on strategic planning and teamwork. One of our sessions involved attending a guest presentation from a cast member named Betsy, who is a director of the school programs and educational workshops at Disney. She discussed her experiences at Disney, including her extremely fast paced schedule and the 150+ employees she manages on her team. One of the items she touched upon that resonated with me was Disney’s process for collecting feedback on the educational workshops. I found it interesting that there were so many different levels of distributing feedback within the team. It speaks volumes to the ability of Disney to distribute feedback at different levels according to who needs access to which level of information.  She also emphasized the importance of revisiting the feedback, and looking at trends as more data is collected.

Part of our project involves providing feedback on our experience as well as collecting feedback from guests. Equally as important as collecting this information is what to do with it. Presenting our findings to a couple of Disney cast members on Saturday will provide a great forum for us to share our findings. Simply collecting this information and walking away with it, simply using it to write our paper, would be an ineffective use of our findings. Instead, having the opportunity to share these findings with each other as well as cast members will help present potential opportunities for improvement as well as raise awareness of strong points. I am looking forward to hearing the findings of the group and witnessing the sharing of feedback during Saturday’s forum. Till then!     

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