Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World

Sunday, 31 May 2015


Every Chef knows you need good tools in your kitchen to be successful.  He is challenged to make sure those tools are sharp, work well, and has the right people to serve the guests.  As we ate around the world through our Epcot experience we saw some great examples of leadership and culture.

There was one great leadership example that really stuck with me this week that was the chef from the restaurant in Morocco.
Like all the chef's at the sit down dining restaurants we visited, this chef came out to discuss my shellfish allergy, Fuego's Celiac's and Mary Anne's issues with diary.  The chef took the opportunity and seemed to turn it into a teaching moment.  The interaction between them and the way he spoke to us while also teaching the server about food allergies and how to handle them with the kitchen, was a shining example of the culture and team support that has been cultivated in that restaurant.  This chef embodies leadership and the core values of the company he works for.  It is those little moments that evolve into a life lesson that I take home with me today.

-Mama J
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