Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Sea Creatures and Strategy

Today's YES workshop with James on teamwork at Disney was so helpful and couldn't have been more appropriately timed. After a great icebreaker with Rasul's awesome break-dancing moves as the lead of our high-functioning robot, an in-depth discussion of trust, and insight from Betsy, one of Disney's leaders (in the coolest conference room EVER by the way), we were asked to reassess our definition of team. James challenged that the difference between a high-functioning team and just a collection of individuals was that a members of a cohesive team sees beyond their personal egos and does what's required to ensure the entire team succeeds. That really resonated with me, because I never really considered the element of caring as it relates to being part of a team. After this discussion, when we broke into our project teams, we developed a strategic plan for accomplishing our objective. The timing was perfect, because while conceptually we knew what we wanted to accomplish, verbalizing and writing out the steps we were going to take to achieve our goal solidified our plan….it was kind of the puzzle piece we were missing to complete the planning phase of our project.  Looking forward to seeing James again for Thursday’s YES program.  LT :-)

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