Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Strategy - Leadership and Teamwork

We are builders of the cities of tomorrow and we want to erect an even more impressive skyline than what we see here how. How do we get there? This is the quintessential question asked in any business arena.

On our first workshop on Tuesday, the 26th this was subject matter we covered during the second half of the training on that day. From Disney's perspective strategy is about leadership and teamwork and I can definitely agree with that.  My agreement with this is because of a an exercise that our facilitator Leah organized for us, which quickly got us to the heart of this matter in a hurry. We did a few things before the exercise got under way:

Number 1 - Our group was broken in to three distinct business divisions.
Number 2 - We were assigned a company name and told to put together a strategy for three business 
Number 3 - Finally we were given the time frame in which those tasked needed to be finished.  

Halfway through the exercise Leah switched some people from one team to another to add a level of complexity to the exercise and even highlighted further the importance of strong leadership and teamwork. Those two things have to be in place if in order for your strategy to work. Leadership that is not strong leads to teams that are not effective. Two great lessons learned in a relatively short amount of time!


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