Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Communication and Disney Culture

Disney has become what it is today because of its ability to ensure that its guests are satisfied, successfully managing finances and requiring cast member excellence.  But in order for them to be successful in these areas, they have to have good communication practices.   Which is something Disney has embedded within its culture.. During our workshop, James; the workshop leader emphasized the importance two-way communication and how leaders and managers should be effective communicators. One of the methods that we used throughout the workshop was the “storyboard technique”. In the book “The Disney Way”; it is described as a method that “helps to facilitate communication among staff”.  From my experience using it, I can see how working together to find a solution actually increases creativity.  This technique allowed us to be more open and willing to share our ideas. We collaborated with one another in a very effective way.  It was interesting to see that everyone has different communication styles.  James expressed that managers deal with the differences in communication by getting to know the personalities of their employees.  Managers have to know how to communicate and learn how to tailor their communication strategies to each cast member. The workshop leaders also expressed that Disney’s primary means of communication is still an in person interaction because you get to see the emotional  reaction of the person and see their non verbal  expressions.  

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