Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Exploring the Magic of Disney - as a Team

Each of us made the decision to apply and participate in this experience because we were driven by different motivating factors. But for all of us, there was a curiosity factor involved as well. We were not completely sure what all the these seven days of magic would entail J, and what our exact outcomes would be. But we decided to dive into the unknown anyway, because we were curious about exploring Disney’s service innovation principles.
Sharing this common platform within our theme park group as well as our class as a whole allowed us to operate and function effectively in our tasks and continue to push the door in our different tasks and assignments. For me, working with Team Hollywood enabled me to observe and participate in an environment where we were constantly thinking of new avenues and approaches to explore with our project. We were curious about guest utility of the MagicBand, so we decided to create a survey on this topic. Even simple curiosities such as wanting to know what the Riverside part of the Port Orleans hotel looked like were explored. We decided as a group take a walk over and have lunch.

One of my biggest takeaways was really understanding the emphasis of Walt Disney’s idea of fostering innovation through teamwork and collaboration. Even looking at the quote referenced above, he uses the term “we” instead of “I”. One of the most important parts to functioning as a team well is thinking and functioning as a unit. Over these 7 days our team was able to do so as we explored our curiosities together and experienced the magic of Disney.  - Brigit

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