Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World

Sunday, 31 May 2015

creative process -- Adi

As reason holds ground on both notions that creativity can and can not be taught, Disney's workshop was designed to help identify the steps organizations can take towards promoting creativity at work.  A closer look into the process detailed out the steps a leader should be able to take in order to foster innovation and creativity in the company.  Leaders need to motivate, influence, and work towards the perceived betterment of their people.  In part of decision making, especially when its prioritization has to be installed for variety of factors, leaders must exhibit steps in order to gain trust of its people, invest time in tasks aligned it its vision, support initiates from team members and progress.  the steps, however miniscule, help create / promote and environment where dreams come true.  The stages so to speak should have wild imaginative ideas while having a grounded approach or the realism needed to bring it to life.  No idea can be ignored and failures are expected to happen as we evolve towards the final stages. for dreams to come to reality a lot of dream and a lot of realism is needed.  We need to be able to let our imaginations guide us to our betterment and find inventive ways to fulfill them.  Another critical step is to make sure the a holistic view is kept in mind while chasing a dream.  No two conflicting concepts should be implemented simultaneously.  life is a journey, we need to continue to make efforts, learn from our mistakes, invent new more fulfilling approach, plan on handling failure, celebrate accomplishments, and enjoy! - adi

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