Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World

Friday, 29 May 2015

Disney Is Really All About the Customer Experience

Growing up in Florida I've been coming to Disney World for quite some time.  It took me until this trip, though, to truly understand customer experience and that this concept is what Disney is all about.  As a core concept of our class it's something we've talked about extensively and we applied it to both a restaurant and Disney's My Magic+ so I really started to "get" it. 

For all my past trips I've focused on the attractions and getting from point A to point B without taking everything in.  I've also been known to comment that Disney does not have the best rides.  But now, in my opinion, it's not about the rides at all.  I think this opinion came to me because the pressure was finally off.  I wasn't just here for one or two days and I was relaxed enough to take it in. The sights and sounds meant so much more now.

Take Star Wars Weekends, for example, which are going on right now.  This even takes place at Hollywood Studios and offers character interactions, special merchandising and a very immersive Star Wars experience.  This park isn't the largest and doesn't have all of the best rides but the lines for everything non-attraction are incredible.  The amount of people coming to Disney just for that experience is amazing.  And that, my friends, is a clear example of what Disney is truly about. 

- Brett 1.0 (Blog #1)

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