Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World

Friday, 29 May 2015

Creating and Protecting a Culture of Creativity

Our third day Disney Workshop was all about creativity and how important it can be to an organization like Disney.  One of the key ideas that we talked about was how leaders have to foster a culture of creativity.  In turn I feel strongly that it needs to be protected in order for creativity to permeate through your organization.  To tie a couple of our days together I want you to take a look at the poster I found during one of our day one sessions.

It talks about protection, specifically how the Empire (from Star Wars) is out to protect you.  Without such a negative connotation (and without Storm Troopers) this is what a leader should be doing for its organization and the creative culture that has been created.  Make sure you support your team and make sure they can create without fear and by doing that you will help creativity and innovation flow. 

- Brett 1.0  (Blog #2)

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