Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World

Friday, 29 May 2015

It's a Trap!

Ok kids, let's talk about protecting what's important.  We already know the importance of being flexible and avoiding overly rigid structure; so how do we protect a creative culture and at the same time encourage creative discontent?

Now let's talk about our friend up there, the speeder-riding storm trooper.  Sure, he knows he has a one in two chance of plowing face first into a redwood at about 80 miles per hour, but he is still showing up every day.  Because he believes in something.  Namely, intergalactic peace through domination via the Death Star.  But note the words at the top: "Set the Trap!"

Because although he's all-in when it comes to defending the empire, there's something missing.  There is no room for his creative thinking.  Grand Moff Tarkin never takes time to speak to this guy and ask for his input.  And the last guy that spoke his mind in a board meeting was force-choked by an upset Anakin that was obviously still trying to work out his (lack of a) daddy issues (oh... spoiler alert).

It's a trap we all fall into far to frequently: We've got a culture that works, so let's defend it no matter how old it gets.  My first response to what creative talent should ask themselves at Walt Disney Corp?  "What would Walt do."  Yup... turns out I was wrong.  IT WAS A TRAP!  And I didn't have a clever wookie to bail me out.

What's the point?  Encourage creativity, especially creative dissent.  It's the only way to truly defend what is and should be important: an open and innovative space.  Because let's face it, storm troopers think outside the box just about as well as they shoot.

-Brett 2.0

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