Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World

Sunday, 31 May 2015

MK Team

The Magic Kingdom team was great! We had an amazing time visiting all the parks, enjoying pool time, and working on our project. Our team was quite diverse (living experiences in 9 different countries!) and everyone had something to bring to the table.
One thing I learned a lot regards to Social Monitoring from these wonderful group of ladies. I’ve seen people use social media management system before but I’ve never used them to analyze data. When our group decided to use Hootsuite, Social Mention, and a word cloud to analyze data I was excited to learn something new. I like how easy and fast Hootsuite was to use. Social Mention was new to all of us but it had very interesting information. The found the word cloud to be super easy and a lot of fun to create. I am eager to put these tools to use in the future!

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