Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World

Sunday, 31 May 2015

The Emotional Customer Experience

The customer experience is a subjective thing and an emotional journey.  Qualifying it as positive or negative can be daunting because individuals prioritize factors in different ways. For example, when comparing two guests we interviewed based them having similar experiences of having issues entering the park with their MagicBand.  Both linked their tickets during pre-arrival and experienced about a 15 minute wait to enter the park. When each was asked about their overall customer experience at Disney and how it relates to MyMagic+, we received two different answers.  Guest 1 still viewed their customer experience as favorable despite their magical experience being derailed for about 15 minutes when attempting to the enter the park.  In the case of guest 2, when asked the same question, they felt their overall magical experience was ruined due to having to wait while the Disney cast members linked their ticket to their MagicBand.  This situation illustrates that the customer experience is both subjective and emotional.
- Marc

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