Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World

Sunday, 31 May 2015

We Arrived as a Group; We Left as a Team

In the final preparations for our  presentation for Stuart and Disney leadership, our group spent countless hours together. Delirium was achieved, the giggles were caught numerous times; at some point I even ended up with 2 laptops trying to do only God knows what.

Originally, parts of the project were delegated, and it was our intention to put everyone's piece into a presentation and call it a night. Yet as we started to enter the presentation in, everyone became interested and invested in all of the parts of the presentation. We were feverishly proofreading each other's parts, helping when someone else got stuck articulating their findings, and asking each other for suggestions to make individual sections succinct. As tired as we all were, each of us wanted to everyone to feel good about their parts and vice versa. This "phenomenon" of sorts (and I call it that because it just happened naturally without discussion or conscious awareness) ties back to the first blog I wrote, when James mentioned a critical characteristic of a high-functioning team... There is an element of care that transcends personal glory or recognition. I truly felt this with my team, and only hope that I can experience this feeling when I'm working to achieve a goal with others. - LT

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