Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Magical Magic Kingdom Team

I can’t believe I just met the Magic Kingdom gals a week ago. Standing in line at Space Mountain this morning, I was reflecting on our first definition for “team” during Day 2’s workshop as a “group of individuals working together to achieve a common objective” that James pointed out could apply to the folks I was standing next to in line. What changed during the course of the past week that transformed Team Magic Kingdom from simply a group of GWU students working together to complete the course to the high performing team that I’ve so enjoyed being part of and am so sad to leave behind? 

As James explained, there was more to more to being a team than working together toward a common goal. Through our shared experiences this past week, we started to really care about each other and the experience, and we learned we could trust and rely on each other. From the individual presentations, I already knew I could rely on the work quality of my teammates, but that wasn’t what transformed us. It was the many high moments when we laughed and dreamed together and the couple lower moments when we each stepped up to support each other that made the difference. Like the time when I was too tired to function on Wednesday (literally – I had my shirt on inside out!) and my group fully supported me going to sleep earlier than them. I felt safe, supported and yet challenged to do my best with these ladies. And they even made sure I didn’t get totally lost in the assignment and made time for fun too.  

The same feeling extends to our whole group - this week-long experience made us a GWDisney family, and I'm looking forward to staying in touch for a long time!


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